Wow, a lot has happened and everything is passing by so quickly. I finally graduated high school (two months past schedule), I finished my mission prep class, and my temple prep class is swiftly  coming to a close. We are hoping to have me ordained on my birthday and then to take out my endowments the Saturday following. It feels like its coming so fast but yet its still not quite fast enough. Tonight I went on splits with the elders. While at the dinner appointment I was continually referenced as Elder Roundy. Now I kept subtly reminding them that I wasn’t and Elder quite yet but I was secretly pleased and that it fit a little better than my actual name. Though of course i know i have to wait another month before i can officially take that title. Anyway besides that I will just start to make final preparations, i mean there’s not much left I’m already living out of a suitcase but still. 48 day.

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