Almost There

Wow the time is really flying by. When I think about all the time that has gone past since I first opened my call it takes me a moment to get centered again. Its hard to believe that a moment I’ve been waiting eighteen years for is now just 20short days away. I have just about everything ready and now just anxious and ready.


One Month

Today is exactly one month before I leave to go to the MTC and begin my training. Two weeks after that on the 17 of February i begin service in the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints!

End of the year

Wow around the holiday time you really begin to realize everything you have and everything you will miss. This year we hosted two tri-companionships for their Christmas Skype call home. To see the excitement they had to see their families if even for just an hour, it made me realize that yea I will miss a lot. But the Lord will give me strength I know that because He’s already providing it. This being my last holiday season with my family and today being the last day in 2014, I would like to extend some advice. Don’t take any of it for granted. Doctrine and Covenants section 121 verse 7 says that your adversities will be just a moment, but so will the chances you have to bond and grow closer to your family here on earth. Make every moment count i guess is the cliche term I’m going for. Anyway Happy belated Christmas and here is to a prosperous and adventurous new year in 2015.