We are reaching the end. But which one?

Today is the last time that I may be posting on my own. Unless I can update from the mission one of my parents will be updating the site for me with weekly letters, photos, and i even heard rumor of a video blog set. This tuesday at 600 in the morning my plane leaves Oakland Ca and i will not see my city by the bay again for two years. But you all can contact me oer email and i would absolutely love letters in the mail! So you can all contact me via these adresses.


(until the 16th of feb)

Elder Kaleb Roundy

feb17 OK-OKL

2009 N 900 E unit 105

Provo UT 84602

(after Feb 16)

Elder K. Roundy

416 SW 79th Street, Ste.210

Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73139-8121

United states.