An old beach rollercoaster

It’s been a ride this week. We have been seeing blessings and we have had the adversary completely take and send us to regroup and muster our strength again. Then mortality gets in the way all the time. We have been having fun and been seeing the lords hand. All forms of the work whether  building Zion or finding the elect. We have been kept on our toes these past couple sunday nights where we have been invited and have been participating in some gospel studies with some church of Christ people. They are absolutely fantastic people and they are truly wanting to know the will of the lord in all things and to follow it. the problem is when they look at portions and not the big picture. And thats kinda what my spiritual thought is going to be. How often are we trapped somewhere looking at a tree instead of the forest?  when we are faced with a trial or a choice, are we looking at just the immediate implications that will result from it or are we looking at the grand picture of will this lead me closer to my Heavenly Father? Then this is the most amazing part of the entire thing.  We are allowed to make mistakes. Because of what Christ did in the garden and on the cross we can make mistakes and still be able to repent and continue along growing and learning from those mistakes how to be better in the future. How sweet is that! Even if we fail the test we have just about an infinite number of retakes available to us. Why because the Lord wants us to succeed. He has put in place the best no child left behind program in the entire universe! His happiness and his entire purpose is to bring to mass the immortality and eternal life of man. He wants us to be happy! Mind boggling right. When we look at that how can we not want a piece of this cake? I love all of y’all! I continue to look for your letters and emails in my mail box. Let me know if these thinks are worth a penny or two. Have a great week!

“…hearken unto these words and believe in Christ: and if ye believe not in these words believe in Christ.”
            2nd Nephi 33:10
                             Elder K. Roundy

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