Wow! what a week! its been a tornado of information and people! I am loving it here in Mustang Oklahoma. The people here are so nice and the country is beautiful. It’s been pretty clear weather wise until this morning when it snowed about an inch. Right now its just freezing butt cold! the wind is what really cuts deep it almost never stops. I am really glad that I have a car. My first companion and my trainer (“dad”) is a amazing guy from Portland Oregon named Elder Balch. I love him to pieces and the coolest thing is that he roomed at BYU-I with Grant Perry and Luke Champion so he knows about the peeps at home! He is a convert of three years now and one of the most solid guys I have ever met. Like said there has been a lot of people that I’ve met and they are just some of the most loving, kindest God fearing people I have ever met. Even if they don’t want to hear our message they help us out in anyway they can. Most of the members are either converts or transplants that came here to work either in the oil industry or the military. The first night I got here I went to a Nashville Tribute Band concert and had a blast. It was exactly what I needed just sit back detox and feel the spirit.  Their music is fantastic Y’all should look them up. especially their Redeemer CD. Then the Saturday I got to go to the Temple. Elder Balch had a baptism of his going top the temple for the first time so I got to go with him. There wasn’t room in the session but i got to help do Sealing sessions for most of the morning and just loved the people. Sunday was uneventful just more meeting the ward members and introductions. Then we went to an I Believe fireside and had an amazing time there. there is so much more to cover and not very much time to cover it. I have a Vlog that i tried and my Mommy will hopefully put it out if i can get it to send. but really its just me babbling. I just want to leave you with a thought. Every time my district parted ways in the MTC I would tell them this and now I’ll tell it to you. JESUS LOVES YOU! I LOVE YOU! remember that as you go through this week. May the Lord bless you so that you will not have room to receive it. Everything is OK!

“and after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That He lives!”
           D&C 76:22
                             Elder K. Roundy

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