Time for a Refill

Good morning everyone! How about conference weekend? Easter? I loved every moment! Things are rolling along here and Elder Balch and I have been working crazy hard! I never thought that I would be so happy to be so tired at the end of the day. The transition from chicken to pig is tough but it can happen! Things have been pretty gnarly out here. Thunder storms and really being hot and humid! But the ‘nater spray we got at the tractor supply store seems to be doing its job! Like said we’ve been working super hard but unfortunately as its been said before most people will hear you once say not for me and you move right along! I love the small town here but after a while you have knocked just about everyone and then you just have to go back to the beginning. Its fun though you get to meet some interesting people. Like a guy who came out holding a ferret he claimed was his reincarnated grandmother. Or the guy that answers the door in his boxers and yells at you for interrupting his nap. Its been fun! Last week I forgot to tell Y’all a few stories. First this is from when the storm was passing over, and this is why I know that me and my comp are the bomb. The storm is passing over head and there is a ton of thunder howling wind and the Zone leaders call. my comp jumps out of his chair runs outside and this is how the conversation goes.

” Elder Balch! Where are you guys!?!?!”
” Outside!”
” What?!?!?!?!? Get your buts inside!!!”
“No can do captain we are out to save the elect!!!”
We had a good laugh. then we had a chance to see a beaver! It was just wondering around a neighborhood and I named him Peter and took a couple pictures with him before animal control showed up and took him away.:( Haha but anyway thats this week in a wrap mostly!  This week the spiritual thought is a quote I look at every morning. ” An optimist is one known to see a glass half full. A true optimist is some one who sees a glass half full about to be filled overflowing.” I would like to take it one step further and say that an active optimist sees a glass half full and takes the steps to fill it himself. We can look at the world in a positive light and things will be good. But it doesn’t really benefit other people. To be truly blessed and to be a better person we will be the people who make a difference. even if it just a smile to someone passing by. You never know what a simple gesture of kindness will do. This is also the same in a spiritual sense with a twist. We have a spiritual glass and we can be content when its at the half full mark and were we believe in God and we have faith in the atonement. The difference is we get thirsty every now and then. If our spiritual glass is half full or half empty we may not have enough to quench our thirst. So we must be continually filling our glass. How do we do that in church we call them the primary answers. We need to pray, read scriptures, go to church. All these simple things add to the glass so that when we need the water its there. I Love you all! Keep your prayers and letters coming they are helping more than you know! Never forget we Are children of God and he Loves us!
“…hearken unto these words and believe in Christ: and if ye believe not in these words believe in Christ.”
            2nd Nephi 33:10
                             Elder K. Roundy

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