What makes God God?

Hey Y’all! Email number 6 this is nuts the time is flying by! This week was interesting My comp got strep and I found out that a family of bed bugs enjoy cuddling with me! Its been a fun week! But this week we are rested and ready to Work till we drop! I am super stoked! Spring is in full swing I feel great and now its go time! This area will not know what hit them! I don’t have too much to report on so Ill get to the spiritual thought which I know you all are dying to hear! The question I had in my studies this week is what makes this guy so powerful what makes it so that he can command and things happen? So we are about to get into some pretty crazy stuff so hold on to your socks. In the scriptures we are always hearing that if God would do something out of set laws and go against what he has said he would cease to be God. So in this we find that God gets his Power from his Honor. The Intelligence’s that are in everything that he created trust him so much that when he speaks they obey. Pretty sick right! All the power in the universe comes from trust. That’s why when we ask things in His name why when the prophets did something in his name it happened. Mind blown right. This all came from a talk by Cleon Skousen called the Meaning of the atonement. Its got some pretty deep stuff in it but man is it amazing! Anyway I love you all and hope this week comes out the best for y’all! God be with ya!

“…hearken unto these words and believe in Christ: and if ye believe not in these words believe in Christ.”
            2nd Nephi 33:10
                             Elder K. Roundy

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