Big man Upstairs say what!

Hey Guys so there isn’t too much to report on this week. We had a tornado come through our area on Wednesday and we have been chopping and hauling trees ever since. You know those memes that are being passed around about tornado’s and tigers. Yep that was bridge creek Oklahoma where the tornado tore up a tiger safari place and let the animals free! Pretty legit right. Its been super fun but i am so stinking tired right now its not funny! Then last night I Found out that I will be moving to a little Podunk town up by the Kansas border called Alva. Population about 5,000. Small little college town with a branch and a lot of ground to cover! I’m excited to see what fun the Lord has in store for me! I am being placed with and Elder Esqara. He is a spanish elder who is finishing his mission this coming transfer. So no matter what happens the next six weeks are going to be legit! So the spiritual thought is this. I don’t know if I have already shared it but I have a feeling that it needed to be said again. Most of the time when we think about the atonement we thing of oh he suffered and died for me so I can be resurrected A and B I can be forgiven of my sins. These are wonderful aspects of the atonement but it isn’t the entirety of it. A lot of times we forget the healing and the comforting part of the Atonement. The part where when on the path of life we get hurt or depressed or discouraged or whatever Christ suffered those pains too and we learn in the scriptures that he suffered so that he can succor his people. He went through it so he knows EXACTLY how we feel every moment in our lives and now because of that he knows exactly how to comfort us in times of need. Then there is the healing aspect. When we sin we its kinda like we break a bone that connects us to the spirit. If we do nothing we keep trying to work it its going to get worse. But the atonement allows the bone to heal and not only that become stronger, Provided we do what we are supposed to. Get a cast by surrounding yourself with people who can help you keep on the straight and narrow, such as going to church every week and partaking of the sacrament. Drinking in your spiritual calcium by reading your scriptures everyday. But one of the most important that will help lead you to that is always going to see the physician. Through prayer we always can have our doctor there to help us through the pain, the itching, and the discomfort. He also has the nurses who are your bishops youth leaders and anyone you can trust to help you through. I can testify of the reality and the power in taking and applying all parts of the atonement in our lives. It is only through that power that we can truly come to Christ and be perfect. I love you all and can’t wait to tell y’all about my adventures in the boonies! Have a great week!

“…hearken unto these words and believe in Christ: and if ye believe not in these words believe in Christ.”
            2nd Nephi 33:10
                             Elder K. Roundy

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