I’m forgetting to do something… Oh yea BREATHE!

This week has been super legit! We have been finding fools! The Lord has been putting people in our way that are super prepared. We hope to be turning a few potentials into Investigators and then to Recent Converts! Its going to be an exciting couple of weeks! My Spanish I can understand most of what people say but I am still struggling to form responses that are anything other than gibberish. Its coming though I am being immensely blessed. There is basically the week in a nutshell. Quite dry rather boring I guess but when I get home there will probably be stories that I don’t think about when doing the weeklies. Soo yea. As most of y’all know I am a certified SCUBA diver. (insert impressed nod)  And though I have been certified for awhile now I still remember sitting in a classroom just before going out into the pool and listening to the instructor say “Don’t forget to breathe”. I am sitting there like ” yea no joke” but when you get into the pool as your going down you have been trained all your life to hold your breathe when you go under water but now if you don’t breathe it causes some complications. When you get out to open water and are 60-80 feet down you need to breathe! And every once in a while you forget to. When you are in the water with the gear on your out of your element you can spend some time down there but you don’t actually fully belong there. It is the same with this earth life. We are Celestial eternal beings sent to spend a little time out of our element so that we can learn and experience. Now just like you don’t go diving without a tank and equipment you are not here without the necessary tools to get back to safety. You have scriptures, church, your dive buddies. But most importantly the thing you cannot forget to do is to PRAY! That is your air source. Without it you are not making it back to the Boat in the best of conditions. Just like when diving some people need prayers more frequently than others but the difference is that these tanks are tailored to hold the exact amount of air we ourselves need to make the dive safely. The opportunity and necessity to pray is always there but are we forgetting to breathe? I love all y’all and pray for you continually! Hope you have a blessed week!

“Oh be wise; What can I say more?”
                                      Jacob 6:12
                             Elder K. Roundy

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