Tell them I’m Coming and Heavens Coming With Me!

Well Shoot this has been a long week! We have been away traveling again and haven’t been able to do to much in our area but we are having fun. I am getting a new comp. His name is Elder Quijada. He is a Spanish missionary from Long Beach California. And we are going to tear this place up! I have the knowledge of the area and he is bringing fresh drive to put this area on its toes. We will have fun though. Not much else to report this week we are just cleaning packing and saying goodbye to Elder Esquerra. I am going to miss him. He finished up and is going home to Albuquerque New Mexico! Fun stuff right! Oh I finally figured out how to put pictures up on my blog! Go check it out! You should have it already but the address It may not be all that and a bag of chips but it has photos and mostly all my weekly emails so it might be worth checking out when you’re bored out your mind and might start watching Days of our Lives or something. Point all your friends to it as well and then tell them to start emailing or writing me or something while their at it! Anyway Spiritual thought comes from yesturday being fathers day. I have always looked up to my Dad and wanted to make him proud. The title of father is an eternal one and out of all callings it and motherhood are the most important out of all. I think I suggested it before but again on mormon channel there is a message Earthly father Heavenly Father that people have told me its spot on. But the thought I want to leave with you today is a paraphrased version of a quote at the end of it. Out of everything he could ask us to call him; He chose Father. Just like we want to make our earthly fathers proud I imagine that we all want to make our Heavenly Father proud as well. We want him when all is said is and done to say something like “I know it wasn’t easy but you made it and now you get to be with me for eternity. Good job.” That’s what I would like to hear. I know that all of us can and will hear something like that as we come to accept the Atonement of Jesus Christ and live our lives as close as we can to the standards that he has set. It is something fantastic to have a All Powerful Father Looking to help us through anything huh. A shoutout to all the Dads out there. Your work is appreciated and you are loved very much! I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! Keep in touch!

“Oh be wise; What can I say more?”
                                      Jacob 6:12
                             Elder K. Roundy

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