You are The One

Hello everybody! Its been a little over six months since I came out to the field! Its really crazy because it doesn’t feel like that long! A lot has changed I now am in need of shaving everyday or else it shows. I have met more people and have been more consistent in waking up than ever and I have never felt so stinking tired and so happy to be that way!  I am very excited to be emailing today from Chickasha Oklahoma! Its is a wonderful town with lots of awesome people! I Have been slid into an area with some super solid investigators! There is Lois she only isn’t baptized because she has an open wound that the Doc says has to heal first. Then there is Tammy she isn’t baptized because she just had a hip replacement. Then Grace is pregnant and is waiting until after the baby comes in a month. Then comes our miracle. We were referred to a person by a less active. His name is Henry Lawson and we get in talk to him find out that he and his fiance want to get married but didn’t have the money for a preacher or anything. We tell him that our Branch president will do it for free and they can use the facilities afterwards for free. He is ecstatic at this point and so are we. We then proceed to give him a lesson on the restoration of the priesthood and eternal families. He is so choked up he can hardly speak and he says that he and she had been looking for a church and he feels that this is the one that they have been looking for. So we are super excited to see where he goes with it! This area is really a jack pot for finding and working and I am really looking forward to working here. This week I got something really cool out of my studies in putting two and two together. SO it says in the doctrine and covenants (… and should you bring but one soul unto me then how great shall be your joy…” This is usually associated with missionary work. (I wonder why) but then we are also always told that the most important convert is ourselves. See where I am going here? We are the One! If you bring a few people into a knowledge of the truth but you aren’t converted yourself then you won’t be experiencing a lot of joy. So before anyone else you are the one soul that must be saved. You are the one that has to experience a full conversion to the gospel and to the Lord. You matter the most! Everyone else they are just sugar. I challenge each of you to look and give yourself an inventory think back 6 months ago when I gave the chicken and pig analogy. Are you becoming more of the pig or are you still the chicken. I love you all and hope that you have a fantastically blessed week!

oh by the way my new address is 201 e almar drive apt 804 cickasha ok 73018. Send some stuff my way even if its only a post it not e with a smiley face on it!
“Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they may have everlasting life.”
                                                        3rd Nephi 5:13
                             Elder K. Roundy

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