Families The Ties that Bind And Gag

Howdy hey everyone! Once again P-day has come really quickly and none to soon! I am the proud Father(trainer) of an amazing son named Elder McVey. He is keeping me moving and going. I swear he is already more trained than I am! He picked up on tracting right off. We have had to do a lot of it since we have almost no investigators in our new area of Chickasha south. But that is not going to be that way for long.Already we have been able to pick up 4 new investigators and have a whole big line of potentials to get turned into investigators. I pray the Lord keeps blessing us and that he gets a good start in the area and in the mission. This week I have been going over my notes from conference and thinking a lot about them. And so if you watched it you would have picked up that family was largely the topic spoken on. I love my family and that that they do for me and all of you who are really my family if not by blood then as children of God. So I have been thinking about something along with that. We are told in the family proclamation that Satan will be trying to destroy the family and that the best thing that people can do is protect the family. Sheri Dew said that the best way to protect the family is by both doing things together and not squabbling and arguing and gossiping and having dissensions among ourselves. I know that I am far from even close to being able to say something about fighting with siblings but it really does make sense for the spirit of the lord to help us against the storms of the adversary then we must keep it with us. And 3rd nephi says that THe spirit of contention is of the devil and driveth the spirit of the L:ord away. I don’t know maybe this was just a rebuke for me since I was far from perfect in the matter but I hope that we can all strive to keep the spirit of love and peace around and it will definatley help us to keep our families strong! Love you guys and hope you have an awesome week!

“Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they may have everlasting life.”
                                                        3rd Nephi 5:13
                             Elder K. Roundy

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