I am Positive!

Howdy! I hope everyone is enjoying their three day weekend having fun! This is going to be an exciting transfer as I found out that I am going to be a Dad. For those of you unfamiliar with missionary lingo that means that I am going to be training a brand spanking new missionary fresh out the MTC. It is definitely a frightening call as I will be opening up a second area in our city that has very few investigators in it. So it will be a transfer of hitting the pavement, knocking doors and spending a lot of time on our knees. It will be good though I am super excited. Other than that nothing with too much excitement going on around here. Just the regular teaching working and trying to find. We are in need of new people to teach so if y’all could keep that in your prayers it would be much appreciated! So the think of the week is about attitude. I always have remembered hanging in my mothers classroom a sign that says “Attitude determines altitude.” That ha been on my mind a lot this week and our district leader gave a training on something similar just a few weeks ago. Where there is a pattern to things. When we have a bad attitude we get discouraged, when we get discouraged we lower our expectations, when we have lower expectations we have lower effectiveness, when we are less effective we have less desire and when we have a weakened desire we get a bad attitude about doing what is needed. And it all falls back in line. BUt when we have a good attitude and don’t let things get us down then we  get encouraged, we have higher expectations, we are increasingly more effective and we have an increased desire to do work. You can see where the altitude plays a part. Are we raising ourselves higher or are we bringing ourselves down, because ultimately our happiness is our choice. There will be outside influences that do play a part but when the chips are down are we going to endure and keep climing or are we going to just let ourselves slide down the hill. Kevin Petersen said “hanging in there is not a priciple of the gospel.” and its true the airplane either stays up and maintains altitude or it comes crashing down. Hope that my thinks help out. I all y’all and hope that everything works out for ya. But everything is ok in OK!

“Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they may have everlasting life.”
                                                        3rd Nephi 5:13
                             Elder K. Roundy

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