Scaredy Cat

Howdy hey Everyone! This week honestly has been a little slow. I swear I have knocked more doors this past couple days then I have my entire life! Elder McVey is better than I am I need to take a page from his book and not get discouraged when the 300th door gets closed on us. But it is all good I feel that something big is around the corner. This last Saturday we had a baptism of an investigator that I worked with quite a bit before the area split. I had the privilege of Confirming her yesterday. She was so happy I can’t even describe it. Now we just have to keep pushing and hope for some more people to teach and get into the water. Pray for us and hopefully the Lord will help give us a few miracles to work with. Oh and with the constant trackting I have worn through quite a few socks and am in need of more if any one can send some pairs my way it would be very much appreciated. (and colorful interesting fun socks are ok too) But today I don’t know I guess I was in a Halloween spirit with it being almost October so I was thinking about fear this week. Fear I figured out is a natural part of the fall of Adam and Eve. One of the first emotions they felt was fear because they were naked. So its part of being mortal to experience it. It is good sometimes even when it allows us to step outside our comfort zones and do all grow. But it is when we are paralyzed by fear and allow it to take control of us that it is a problem. But the Lord has given us the solution and the remedy for fear in Doctrine and Covenants 6:36 Look unto me in every thought Doubt not Fear not. Faith that the Lord is there and that he can help us is the way that we can lose our fear. DOesn’t mean that we will be taken from the challenges that we will face but we will have the Confidence and Courage that the Lord will hel;p us through and with that we can accomplish anything. LOve you all and remember if any of my thoughts and thinks you want to check out again Chech out

“Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they may have everlasting life.”
                                                        3rd Nephi 5:13
                             Elder K. Roundy
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