Hey everyone! Hows it going! This week was a little rough but we are making it through and the Lord is providing me with strength so we should be alright! Like said a slow week so not too much to report on. We just keep searching for new people and hope that we can find the people that the Lord has prepared for us. This week we had the opportunity to go to a symposium at the local college and hear a Journalist by the name of Dan Fagin if you know the book  Toms River  That is him. But while he was here he spoke on the Anthropocene or if you are not familiar with geologic references then the Anthropocene is the Age of Human Influence on the Planet. Effectively it is the concept that everything we do as a people has an effect on the world around us. I really enjoyed it but had the feeling that I should be taking notes the whole time. But that is not what this weeks thought is about. This period of Anthropocene was graded on a larger communal effect and when asked on what the individual could do he replied that really the individual has only a small effect and that really the only way to change the effect was to act as a community.  I disagreed with this whole heartedly. I would argue that the basic unit of society or the individual can  have an effect that will lead to a grander change. Not only in the terms of geology or in earth systems but in the spiritual nature of the world. I mean how much influence did ONE 14 Year Old boy have on the world today. Because he went into the woods to pray and ask a question there are now more than 15 MILLION people world wide who have a closer relationship with God and with their families at large. So the question I have been pondering on and the question I would like to ask you is: What influence are you having on those around you? The speech that was given was mostly on the detriments of society on the planet but this topic extends to what are you doing to improve society and everything around you. Is your life becoming a part in the, excuse the play on the word, Philanthropocene? You have an influence in the way you live your live that effects everything around you. Are you being a “light unto the Nations?” I don’t know maybe I am stepping out of bounds but I hope you get the spirit of it all. I love all y’all so much and hope that you have a fantastical week! TTFN!

“And I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then I said: here am I; send me.”
                                                        2nd Nephi 16:8
                             Elder K. Roundy

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