Onward and Upward

Wow its been a week! We had a fun one.  Wednesday we Built a 42 foot ramp for a wheelchair bound member. Thursday we had a Birthday party for a 71 year old member and then Saturday we went to a National playoff College Soccer Game. Sunday we had stake conference with an Elder Malm from the 70 come and preside. He had some fantastic council for us and we had a great time there.Then that night we went to an event called The Festival Light. It is a fantastic Christmas light show in the Shannon Springs park and I would say minus spirituality it would rival the lights at Temple Square. It really was something and with it in town we are hopefully going to be able to talk to more people who will actually be out in the cold after dark. Oh yea and that’s another thing its really annoying but the weather has decided to drop the temperatures to below freezing on most nights and has been keeping cooler during the daytime. Which makes it a little more difficult in trying to talk to people. But we do what we do! This week the spiritual thought come from a sign that my Mother has hung in her classroom since as long as I can remember. The sign says “Attitude is Altitude.” These past months have been difficult for me I’ll be honest if anyone would look at the numbers I have gotten over my mission they would wonder if I am just hanging out at the apartment all day. And that really got to me because for the most part I have working myself sick to try and do the Lords work and have had very little to show for it. These past few weeks it has all come to a head for me and I was lower than I have been for a long time. I was unhappy serving the people that I love discouraged and pessimistic about the future. Then I got an email from a friend that just entered the MTC a little bit ago and though it didn’t speak on the things that had been going on in my life and my trials it showed their optimism and enthusiasm to do the Lords word no matter what was thrown their way. And it reminded me of ten months ago when I had that same enthusiasm and desire to work hard. I realized that the work hadn’t gotten any harder I wasn’t facing anything different from what I had back then what had changed was me. I became more focused on the number side of things and in doing so I had lost sight of the really important little things that the numbers don’t account for at all. I was missing those small opportunities that someone felt the spirit and a seed was planted even if they didn’t accept the invitation to take the messages the little great things that would go on with the members and the memories that I will keep for the rest of my life. So after some heart felt repentance I had a completely different week and I hope to continue to have a even better mission than i have before! I love you all if you would like Check out the videos on the blog and have a superb Thanksgiving!

“And I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then I said: here am I; send me.”
                                                        2nd Nephi 16:8
                             Elder K. Roundy

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