Like Tamater Without The Ta

Hey y’all! Hope that you all had a very merry Christmas and that everything is going good for yall. This week has been pretty fantastic and we have been able to accomplish a lot.  miracles happen I can testify of that. This Thursday we were walking after trackting a neighborhood and we saw a couple walking and before we could start to walk over to them they call us over and just tell us how they want to learn about Jesus and grow closer as the family. We say Heck Yea! We went taught them a lesson and they both came to church Sunday (for the one hour that we had) and to a Baptism of a members little girl and everything was super powerful and they were really into it. We are hopin to commit them to baptism tonight and I can see good things coming of it. The Lord is at work here because while talking to them we found out that Tuesday night while biking to the apartment I had heard someone calling out but looking around I saw no one so I kept riding. We found out that It was the same people that saw us and wanted to talk. They were put back in our way and I am so grateful for that. I see good things. So besides that the weather has finally decided to act like winter and its been cold and snowy. Luckily we are only catching the edge of the storm. But I am definitely seeing a snowbattle of epic proportions in the near future. So today for the spiritual thought I have a strange thing that goes on where I sit back to rest at lunch or at night and scenes from Disney movies play in my head. Its weird I know but this week the Line from cars whee Mater is doing his backwards driving thing he says “I don’t need to know where I’m going only need to know where I’ve been.” I was thinking about that and all the scriptures that speak of remembering the captivity of the fathers and of the Lords blessings. I realized that as we look back and see everything that the Lord has blessed us with that we can look and not be scared of moving forward because the Lord has taken us this far he’s not going to just drop us now. I have seen this these past few months as I am nearing the halfway point in my mission, I was wanting to see how I changed and see where if any progress was made. And I’m telling you that as I have done that it has given me more confidence that the Lord is mindful because I have definitely came along way from 11 months ago when I first came out. I am grateful for that and at this new years time as you look back look for specific times that the Lord has blessed you and take the time to thank him for that. I love you and Hope you have a happy new year! 

“And I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then I said: here am I; send me.”
                                                        2nd Nephi 16:8
                             Elder K. Roundy
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