Life is a box of chocolates…..

Howdy hey everyone! This has been a fantastic week and at the end of this week a fantastic transfer. So much has happened and time has gone by way too fast for me to even want to think about! Missionaries only really have four days a week Monday (pday) Thursday(weekly planning) Friday (district mtg) and Sunday(church) the rest of it all really just blurs together in periods of teaching sleep walking and the mail coming. Then before you know it six weeks gone by and you are waiting anxiously all day to find out where in Oklahoma you are going to do the same with only with different people! Its fantastic Love it to death! This week has been really fantastic the Lord is blessing us in so many ways that it isn’t even funny! I love it here in Seminole and if the Lord would let me I would stay here my entire mission. The people here are fantastic this truly is the promise land! Interesting story this week is of Duck Hearts. Why? Because thats what was for dinner on Sunday. Good stuff mater! And now for a spiritual message. I love the movie Forest Gump for a lot of reasons but this week I was thinking about Forest and Bubba in the trenches and Bubba says in effect ” I lean on your back and you lean on mine and neither of us have to sleep with our head in the mud” That is a life lesson more than anything I can think of. If we support one another and have eachothers backs then none of us have to sleep in the filth of the world and we can all keep our heads clean. Love you all and hope that you have a fantastic week!

 “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.”

                                                        John 15:13-14
                             Elder K. Roundy

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