Mission Commitment

Oh Idk I think this is kinda fun but we did this a little while ago and thought I would share with yall

My Mission Commitment


I am a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have been called by the Holy Priesthood of God and committed to set aside worldly endeavors, and the companionship of family and friends to serve for two years as an emissary of the Lord Jesus Christ in sharing his gospel to the people of the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission.

I commit to Love and Serve these people unconditionally in every way possible. I will become more mature in my conduct and more Christ like in my nature. I will become more fully devoted to my faith in the gospel and more consecrated in my service to the Lord. I will be obedient to both the rules in the White Handbook and to the directions from mission leaders. I will internalize my purpose as a missionary of helping people draw closer to Christ by helping them unlock and access the power of the Atonement through the Doctrine of Christ. I will Open My Mouth always to share my testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel of Christ.

I know that as I fulfil this vision for myself through Diligent Labor, Daily Accountability to both myself, the Lord, and others, and through The Constant Application of the Doctrine of Christ in My Own Life; I will have greater Charity, be worthy of the Companionship of the Holy Ghost, be able to Teach with Power and Authority, find Satisfaction in my labor, and Prepare myself for the Higher Callings of Husband and Father.

May the Lord bless me in this vision I pray.



Elder Kaleb J Roundy



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