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Of Holidays and Ice storms

Hey Howdy Yall! I hope that you all had a fantastic Holiday week and were able to have fun stuffing all yalls faces with enough food to put you in a coma for a day! Just a few Highlights of last week Thursday was a big one we Started out by being in Norman for a Turkey Bowl event and had a fantastic time. Some how I got put in with the Older team and we did reasonably well we won 2/3 games and I made a few key plays in that. Then Coming home from that we were about a mile 20 minutes from Chickasha and say a car hydroplane off the road and ended up staying outside in the cold rain for about an hour waiting for OHP to show up and see if wee needed to give a statement. But it was all good we had a good talk with them. Then we spent most fo the rest of the day at the Shaws home. They are an absolutely incredible family in our branch and we had a great time over there eating playing games and talking. (oh and I learned how to crotchet) . It wows not quite home but pretty dang close. Then thats about the good stuff that went on. Not much else to share. The spiritual thought comes a lot of my own personal pondering and from the Boy Scout Motto ‘do a good turn daily’. As we head into the Holiday season and everything our minds are usually drawn towards Christ and brotherly kindness. And that is absolutely wonderful. I can see it all around and because of that fact Christmas has widely been on my lists for favorite holiday. But as I was thinking this time of year is also a time of resolutions and f goal settings and I would like to say that it would be good as we are thinking about these goals and this time of year to say that we would like to, as its commonly said, keep the spirit all year round. I believe that that can happen best through service. Finding the time everyday to help some one and give them a boost even if it seems minuscule it helps. Love you all and hope that you have a fantastic week! oh and for some reason wordpress is being stupid and not taking my videos so I will be just posting the links to it and you can watch them at your leisure. Love every single one of ya!

“And I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then I said: here am I; send me.”
                                                        2nd Nephi 16:8

End of the year

Wow around the holiday time you really begin to realize everything you have and everything you will miss. This year we hosted two tri-companionships for their Christmas Skype call home. To see the excitement they had to see their families if even for just an hour, it made me realize that yea I will miss a lot. But the Lord will give me strength I know that because He’s already providing it. This being my last holiday season with my family and today being the last day in 2014, I would like to extend some advice. Don’t take any of it for granted. Doctrine and Covenants section 121 verse 7 says that your adversities will be just a moment, but so will the chances you have to bond and grow closer to your family here on earth. Make every moment count i guess is the cliche term I’m going for. Anyway Happy belated Christmas and here is to a prosperous and adventurous new year in 2015.