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We are reaching the end. But which one?

Today is the last time that I may be posting on my own. Unless I can update from the mission one of my parents will be updating the site for me with weekly letters, photos, and i even heard rumor of a video blog set. This tuesday at 600 in the morning my plane leaves Oakland Ca and i will not see my city by the bay again for two years. But you all can contact me oer email and i would absolutely love letters in the mail! So you can all contact me via these adresses.

(until the 16th of feb)

Elder Kaleb Roundy

feb17 OK-OKL

2009 N 900 E unit 105

Provo UT 84602

(after Feb 16)

Elder K. Roundy

416 SW 79th Street, Ste.210

Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73139-8121

United states.


Almost There

Wow the time is really flying by. When I think about all the time that has gone past since I first opened my call it takes me a moment to get centered again. Its hard to believe that a moment I’ve been waiting eighteen years for is now just 20short days away. I have just about everything ready and now just anxious and ready.

End of the year

Wow around the holiday time you really begin to realize everything you have and everything you will miss. This year we hosted two tri-companionships for their Christmas Skype call home. To see the excitement they had to see their families if even for just an hour, it made me realize that yea I will miss a lot. But the Lord will give me strength I know that because He’s already providing it. This being my last holiday season with my family and today being the last day in 2014, I would like to extend some advice. Don’t take any of it for granted. Doctrine and Covenants section 121 verse 7 says that your adversities will be just a moment, but so will the chances you have to bond and grow closer to your family here on earth. Make every moment count i guess is the cliche term I’m going for. Anyway Happy belated Christmas and here is to a prosperous and adventurous new year in 2015.


Wow, a lot has happened and everything is passing by so quickly. I finally graduated high school (two months past schedule), I finished my mission prep class, and my temple prep class is swiftly ┬ácoming to a close. We are hoping to have me ordained on my birthday and then to take out my endowments the Saturday following. It feels like its coming so fast but yet its still not quite fast enough. Tonight I went on splits with the elders. While at the dinner appointment I was continually referenced as Elder Roundy. Now I kept subtly reminding them that I wasn’t and Elder quite yet but I was secretly pleased and that it fit a little better than my actual name. Though of course i know i have to wait another month before i can officially take that title. Anyway besides that I will just start to make final preparations, i mean there’s not much left I’m already living out of a suitcase but still. 48 day.


The lord truly is mindful of us and our needs. I am thankful to those helping me with preparation for this amazing journey for which the ride has already started. Update on prep, I now only need to receive the higher priesthood, take part in the ordinances of the temple, and be set apart. and i have two months to do it. i have very little left in school and am going to be finished within the next week. that is going to be a blessing a long time in the making. anyway love you all. (even though I’m not sure if anybody reads this)


Well today is my last Thanksgiving here at home for the next two years. I am so thankful for all that has been given to me and how much I am blessed each day. I have a loving family that cares for me and that I don’t deserve in the slightest. I have good health and happiness. I live in a Country that may have its problems and issues but is still the place I love and call Home.But most important I am very thankful for the knowledge I have of Christ our Lord and Savior. The amazing gift of the Atonement and the power it has to carry our blessings of family, happiness, and love throughout the eternities. As you give thanks remember to give thanks to the one who made it all possible for us.