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One Week In

Wow it has been a short time since i last saw anyone of you guys. it has gone by fast though and i couldn’t be happier. The lord is definitely in this work and he loves us all. this week has been one huge spiritual high. it started out smooth and easy i loved seeing all my friends and family again! My companion Elder Wilcox is from Fresno California and we made fast friends and are the perfect team it seems like. with the investigators we are working with we are having huge success in helping them to feel the spirit. At the start of the week i was called to district leader. this is something that i was not at all prepared for and my district is continually putting up with my mistakes and just take it in stride. I love them so much and its sad because besides me and Elder Wilcox they are all going to Vancouver Washington. Its amazing how much we have grown together in a week though. I have had some questions and i have gained a little weight here. i went from 145 to 150. i was kinda shocked as this happened in the first three days. but since then ive been holding steady. Its crazy how fast this time is going. it was last week that we were new and our other district was welcoming us, now they are gone and we just welcomed another round of Newbies. next tuesday i fly out to where i’ll be the next two years and i am so excited. but it means a week without a Pday after today. Anyway for the spiritual experience of the week. Me and my comp. have this investigator that is extremely receptive to the message and we just love her to death. the problem is that she lost her trust in god and is scared to pray and fut her faith back in him. We went there the other day and me and elder wilcox it had been a long day and we had some tension between us we didn’t even know why. but as soon as we walked into her place she noticed it and began to just sit and talk about the love of christ and of god and how it is necessary in the relationships where you have to be so close. I dont remember half of what was said but the spirit was there and it was fantastic. Because of her lecturing and working things out in her own mind she committed to maybe try and give a simple prayer and work up from there. ME and my companion were at a loss for words. we had gone in not even knowing what we were going to teach her but as we went in asking for ways to help her the spirit took over and did the work. this is an amazing testament to me that God is in everything even the bad stuff and as we strive to recognise his hand we will be blessed. I love you all and hope The Lord blesses you so that you don’t have room to receive it. Everything is ok

“and after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That He lives!”
           D&C 76:22
                             Elder K. Roundy